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Fully Enclosed Medical Safety Protective Goggles

Fully Enclosed Medical Safety Protective Goggles, TPE w/Anti-Fog Coating.

All-round large mirror design that can be worn with myopia glasses. Fully fits the face and comes into close contact with the contours of the eyes, creating a safe space around the eyes, protecting the eyes from all corners without blind spots.

  • Adjustable elastic headband, retractable, suitable for different head sizes.
  • High-definition reinforced light-transmitting lens to ensure the clarity of the field of vision in complex environments.
  • Anti-fog design to avoid fogging cause by temperature differences
  • Suitable for ordinary daily protection, anti-spattering of spray and dust, anti-impact.
  • Cannot guarantee protect against all elements, bacterial and viral adherence or intrusion.
  • FDA Registered
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